Letterpress studios, classes in Paris, France?

Hello, all — I did a Google search for letterpress classes in Paris (and then for letterpress printers in Paris) and didn’t come up with anything. Does anyone know of places to learn and get involved in the letterpress community in Paris? Is there a letterpress community in Paris? I’d be grateful for any leads.

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I don’t know about Paris, but I think the museum in Lyon might teach letterpress; there were student in the print shop when I visited there a few years ago. http://www.imprimerie.lyon.fr/imprimerie/

Pomputius, I’m a Paris-based designer and letterpress printer and will start with classes in early Spring next year. There isn’t much of a letterpress community in France, I only know of a few people here. The trade unions made sure that most of the equipment was scrapped when printers moved into offset printing. Send me an e-mail and I will keep you posted.

Thank you, Arie and Thomas! I’ll follow up with the Lyon museum, and I’ll send Thomas a message.