Opaque white foil for hot foil stamping

Hi all,

Does anyone have a recommendation for where to buy white foil for hot foil stamping which will appear white on black paper?

Kwikprint sells an impressive variety of foils (http://www.kwik-print.com/supplies.html#2)
— Two whites even… but they can’t guarantee that either white will show up on black.

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I may have answered my own question here. This company:

Offers a “GW” white foil which is classified as being “very opaque.” So I’ll test it out and keep ya posted.

I make my living doing foil work and have found that for me the best foil work on black has been from Crown Roll Leaf or API foils. Now that being said it still may not work for what you want .The best thing is to get a sample if you can.

nakai foil is rather expensive. CROWN is ok.(their metalics are unpredictable on a prodiction basis). ITW makes some very workable whites. ITW, KURTZ, and API are good and less expensive. how much do you need? fine type works good, but with any kind of panel or broad coverage, quite often you may find that to be trully opaque, double, even triple hitting might be needed. your preference of opaqueness will determine this. you will want to determine whether you want a gloss finish or matte. both are available.