Will Heat from Sitting in Car in Summer damage Rubber Cylinder on Nolan Press?

We’ve just bought a Nolan Proof Press and a Family Member is bringing it to us in his car. It’s likely that it will be left in the car during the day for one or more days. Can Heat from sitting in a Car on a Sunny Day damage (melt / warp) the Black Rubber Cylinder / Print Roller on a Nolan Proof Press?

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I’m guessing it, of course, depends on the heat… but sure it could warp the roller material. Keep in mind that the inside of a car can be like an oven if you don’t leave a window open to let air circulate. Keep the air moving and I bet it would be OK… unless you are looking at extended periods of 100ºF heat.

I sometimes wheel my press to print outside in the bright sunlight. I will usually print while holding a parasol to keep the heat getting to me but as for my press I let it sit and sit in the sun. On the other hand I’ll keep my inks in a eskimo cooler loaded with ice and libations. I find it keeps my ink tacky and my thirst quenched.

Your crazy printmaster.

I have my windmill sitting under an sometimes intense skylight. Sometimes it must get near a 100 under that thing. I do notice an expansion in my rollers and my ink tends to become very loose but when the temperature come back down everything returns to normal.

I dont think you’ll have a problem.

The rubber on a Nolan is hard rubber not like composition
printing rollers. I would say that you don’t need to worry
about the roller melting or warping.