Composition rollers vs Rubber rollers

Hello, im new to letterpress. What is the difference between these two and which one is the better choice?

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Rubber rollers are much harder than compo.
Are much less susceptible to changes in temperature/humidity, caused either by weather or high-speed running in a hostile environment.

Usually much more expensive initially, but this may be compensated for by the greater life if handled and used with care, and always set to type height if used as forme rollers.

Never allow your ink to dry on the rollers, particularly if left overnight as the removal of the dried-on ink will ruin the roller surface.

I have had good luck with the synthetic rollers from NA Graphics. I think that composition rollers pick up the ink a little better, though. They were the standard for years and years.

Kevin, yes they were the standard for years merely because there was nothing else available!

Relative to availability; back in my apprentice days when printing 4 colour work we had to start with the yellow forme as the only process yellow ink available was not transparent.

This required great skill from the operator to maintain a print consistent with the plate maker’s proofs, which were the only reference points we had. No electronic aids, colorometers or densitometers in those days.