Croperette No1

I have a vintage Cropperette no1 press, but have no rollers, does anyone know how to calibrate the size of rollers required - or even know the names of any suppliers in the UK.

Many thanks

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Don’t know if this company might be of use to you or could give you the information you need,its a roller recovering company based in South Wales UK.
Inter Rollers Ltd
01633 838 283
[email protected]

I use a Charlton Cropper Peerless No1 which looks very much the same size as your Cropperette I can always send sizes of press if required for comparison.

You could try the letterpress specialist I use, ElliEvans. Their email is [email protected] and their online shop is at
Good luck

I have good experience as well with Ellievans and would recommend that you get in touch with them.

I recently restarted my son’s Craftsman Machinery 5x8 letterpress which has been stored unused in my garage for the past thirty or so years. Naturally the urethane rollers we had from the 1970’s were unusable. I found Ellievans on eBay and contacted him. From our correspondence it appeard that his Polyurethane rollers for the Adana 5x8 press would work on the Craftsman as well so I ordered a pair. When they arrived, they were a little too small in diameter so I ordered new smaller roller trucks from Ellievans. They work perfectly for me! The prices were very competitive and the quality is excellent.

You probably contacted her: Elizabeth and not him.

Yes. I corresponded with Eve at [email protected].

Thank you all for your comments and advice.

Best wishes