font identification

I have some old, never unwrapped packages of what I assume is foundry type. There are no labels, just some penciled markings:

6/605 B
8/605 A
10/605 A and B
18/607 A and B

I am pretty sure the first number refers to the point size. The second number, after the slash, probably refers to the series. I do not know how to track that series information down. Is there a list?


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Your fonts are most likely Monotype. 605 and 607 are known Monotype numbers, while only 605 registers as an ATF number. Monotype #605 is 20th Century Medium and Monotype # 607 is 20th Century Ex Bold Cond.

The 20th Century series is a copy of Futura. Open one of the wrappers and see if the type is indeed a san-serif.

I have no idea what the A and B signify. Perhaps caps and lowercase or just that each font was packaged in two wrappers.