Kraft paper

I am on the hunt for a good true kraft paper… like a brown paper bag kraft paper. I have found a few online but they are only 80# and I was hoping for something a little heavier. So… do ya’ll know of anything better?

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Try French Paper, Speckletone Oatmeal and Kraft come close. Also, Dur-O-Tone Packing Brown Wrap is okay but a dark.

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Thanks, I actually have looked at those, but never saw the packing brown wrap… i’ll have to bust out my swatch books again.

Anybody else? I have e-mailed/called several letterpress studios and they either haven’t returned my e-mail or couldn’t tell me the weight of the paper they use or the manufacturer :(


How thick do you need, maybe buying a roll of kraft paper could do the trick.

well it is for some business cards, and i would prefer something like french’s 140# so it has a little weight to it

have you thought about using chipboard for your business cards? it comes in a variety of thicknesses and has the rustic feel of brown paper bag material.

The color is not the same but maybe consider a chip board.

These folks may be able to send you a sample.


Yeah, I have found something similar to that… and it is 40pt, which is doable. im gonna order some samples of it and see if it will work for the client:

thanks for all the help

How many cards do you need to print? Couldn’t you just get some brown paper bags from the store that gives away kraft paper bags like you want and then cut them to size?

Willy P
Try padding board it mics at about .015”. The stuff you see at the back of most notepads.

Any other ideas? The client doesn’t want anything as thick as the 40pt kraft board.

Yes there is…… we routinely print specialty items on brown “contractor’s paper”, which is a medium-heavy kraft stock, that we buy as rolls from Home Depot. It only takes a few minutes to tear it into large sheets with a straightedge, and then cut it to size with the paper cutter.

This stock is very similar to, if not exactly the same as brown paper bag material….. and it is very inexpensive. It’s also acid free, so it lasts a long, long time. Several grades and shades of brown are available depending on what they happen to have in stock.

If you can’t find it at you local building supply house, you can also order it from U-Line.

In spite of it’s lowly status, it actually prints quite nicely due to it’s relatively compressible nature. We recently did a series of Anti-Wal-Mart posters on it that turned out fantastic. It also works well for book covers with a rustic, “urban”, or “alternative” appeal.

Home Depot — who’d-a thunk? Now my husband and I can shop at the same store. :-)


I know this is straying off topic, but:

You went to home depot to get supplies to print anti-wal-mart posters?

Irony in effect.

Please don’t take this as an attempt to engage a debate about the relative merits of big-box conglomerates, it isn’t, it is merely an attempt at humor.

Gemorris…. yes it IS a bit of an irony, isn’t it?

Actually, the anti-Walmart posters were printed for a client…. who didn’t specify anything about my sources of supply. Thank goodness. I just hope my client doesn’t read this forum!

Can you give me an idea of the weight of the Home Depot contractors paper? As compared to 80-100-140 weight stock or as compared to the 40pt chipboard you discussed with which I’m familiar. I’ve been on hold for 15” waiting for a supervisor in the paint department at the local store and the online customer service person couldn’t find the product by name, manufacturer, sku or model numbers…you get the picture.

They sell that stuff at Wal Mart, too, in the paint department. I just did a project on it and it worked great. Once you work the curl out of it you’re golden.

You can also get it at janitorial supply places.

There are some new colors of Stonehenge. One is Kraft which is the color of a brown paper bag. It’s 250gsm and 100% cotton.

Happy to send samples if you like.