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Cylinder die cutting Rule around the...14 Nov
Good points Eric I see where you're...28 Oct
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Eric the article is likely about high...21 Oct
Thick stock often holds itself together...21 Oct
Long bevel and side face rule can solve...18 Oct
If just for proofs and never to dry try...11 Oct
sheeesh 14 Aug
Bar-Plate sells make ready tapes. Use...24 Jul
Yes Geoffrey when die cutting the stock...22 Jul
Bonding tape from your foil supplier....19 Jul
Just enough dimension(pressure) to cut....17 Jul
Get a blue pencil and make the positive...5 Jul
Nickel guides have less margin than...19 Jun
This is in the manual. nickel guides...18 Jun
the press is not going to be stable...9 May
Because it is/was wood 2 May
you may not need the film and it does...16 Apr
Hot embossing on letterpress print...16 Apr
I make my own deckle edge rule. Just...9 Apr
I think I will name my cutter Marie as...28 Mar
Yes John about lots of poor die...26 Mar
You can get Heidelberg platens aka...25 Mar
What has worked for me is to use a...14 Mar
sp9 Mar
sp 9 Mar
sp 7 Mar
I have used KDS Graphics in Scarborough...5 Feb
the 2nd t is silent 3 Feb
I run my redball from 1750-2700 and...31 Jan
Aaron the average person does not...30 Jan
Dennis Brian exactly what I was going...22 Jan
Press manual has the dimension info.18 Jan
The few times that I had to use a...2 Jan
I always drill and countersink my...2 Jan
Depends on use here is a link...30 Dec
Looks good for not using guides.21 Dec
Good luck Western. Check Facebook...11 Dec
Read the plate on the motor otherwise...3 Dec