Book it, Dano!

I just booked a hotel room for the September printers’ fair extravaganza in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and they were already out of rooms with one bed.

Just a heads-up in case anyone was putting off making a reservation—it seems there aren’t that many hotels right there in town, and who knows how many ink-stained wretches they can accommodate?

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What hotel did you book?
There are 4 hotels in Mt. Pleasant + several B&B’s——-
The hotels are basically right together:
Heartland Inn
Roadway Inn
Super 8
and a short distance away is the
Mt. Pleasant Brazelton Hotel
Don’t wait folks—-it’s a small town and the Printers Fair-
Wayzgoose is going to consume all available rooms——
if you are going and haven’t booked accomodations——-
do it NOW!