Invitation Tissue Inserts

Anyone know a good website to buy tissue paper inserts for invites?

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Do people still use tissues? What purpose do they serve?

If looking for tissue, there are many sources. Here is one which lists common tissue papers as well as special colors and acid free:

I was under the impression (and I am certain that someone will correct me) that the tissues were a carryover from engraved invitations where the printing is raised on the paper, the tissues prevented printing from offsetting or smearing while in the possession of the postal service.

The last time last time I was looking for the tissues, I want to say I either got them from Announcement Converters, OR they came with the wedding set.

Also try LCI Paper. They have small pieces cut to size for invitations, supposedly, as well as other options:

thanks everyone.

P.S. Yes, black ink smudges through the mail sometimes—not pretty.