Should I take apart my press?

Hello. I recently purchased a lever operated Chandler & Price Pilot (Oldstyle) and before I begin printing with it I was wondering if it would be best to dismantle and clean the entire thing. The press was well taken care of and doesn’t show any visible rust, so I’m not concerned about sanding and re-painting it. But, I wonder if it would it be better for the lubricated parts to take the press apart and started with fresh oil. Is this something one usually does when they acquire a new letterpress?


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“well taken care of” usually includes a good oiling schedule. i would not worry about taking it apart. oil it up and cycle it a few times. see that all oil points are accepting oil, then, have Fun….

Don’t bother taking it apart. Just use some very thin oil (3-in-1, for instance) in all oil holes, cycle the press several dozen times and then move onto a 20-30w motor oil.

Hope that helps,

Thanks guys. I’m glad to know that I can proceed comfortably without dismantling my press. I can’t wait to start printing!



All the above info is correct. Do as they say.
However, I would suggest that you check the height of the rollers for proper inking and also check the platen against
the bed of press to be sure it is adjusted right. If not, you will know when you pull your first impressions. Just a suggestion.