Challenge Press Manual Needed, not ava. on Boxcar

Hi everyone,

I’m helping restore a Challenge 20KP Model# 4457. I know these manuals are hard to come by but thought I’d put it out there that I’m looking for one, or a scan/pdf of one. I’d be willing to pay. It’s got a 15x20” bed I think and the main feature is that the cylinder is stationary and the bed moves on impression. It’s motorized with automatic inking and washup however the washup machanism hasn’t been in use in who knows how long. If you know of anyone that might own a similar press or have a manual please let me know!!!


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I don’t know how similar it is — I have a copy of a manual for a 15GP, which seems like essentially the same design, with the bed moving and the cylinder stationary. The 15GP has motorized ink distribution but no fountain or washup provisions. If you want I can send you the manual I have — email me with an email address.


I have a 15 KP. If a wash-up mechanism was ever on it I haven’t a clue. I like mine… I would love to have a 20KP! If you have questions, I would be happy to try to answer them.


Hi Adrienne,

I recently acquired an old Challenge 20 KP press and found this thread. The three rubber rollers are shot and need to be replaced. Would you know the size and durometer of the rubber rollers?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Did you ever get a manual for your press?

Thanks and best,

if i remember it should be 2.5” just like vandy’s
if not it will probably be 3”

Hi Coby,

I know this thread is 3 years old but the rollers are 3” for recovering.