The Antique Press

The Antique press (that you mentioned “you don’t know whose press it is”) is my press. I have given it to Kent State University for their graphics students to use. It is still called The Antique Press - with an engraved plaque on the wall. I now use a Mac to do my printing!

Mo Lebowitz

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Dear Mo,

I just want to tip my imaginary hat to you. I have a sample of some of your printing, probably from U&lc. Era around late 60s or early 70s. You are one of the people who inspired me to pursue Letterpress. Now I try to teach it to others. Kent State is fortunate.

Mike Day

Ditto on that Mike.

I was working at Steven Jacobs Design in Palo Alto, CA in the early 70’s when Steve Jacobs arranged to have Mo come out and give a talk to the Western Art Directors Club. His work with his handset type and letterpress was honestly one of my greatest inspirations to try doing that for myself.

A little over three decades later, I now find myself with close to two thousand fonts of handset type and too many letterpresses to list. The bug that Mo planted bit be hard!!!!!

Rick von Holdt
The Foolproof Press

Thanks for the wonderful statements! I’m retired now, and I donated the presses to Kent State, so I work now on a 24” iMac. I’m currently scanning all my press production to Tiffs. I don’t diddle with cameras and haven’t figured out how to make shots of my books or 17”x22” pieces. I didn’t realize how much presswork I produced!! I’m also kickin’ around the idea of designing a book with them (when I’m not pickin’ my mandolin).

Mo Lebowitz

A press piece!