saddle spring length - C&P 10x15

I am restoring a C&P 10x15 New Series press and have the following question.

I am reassembling the left and right roller frames and found that the 2 saddle springs on/in each of the roller frames are of different lengths.

On one roller frame, the saddle spring on the double saddle rod is 23.5” while the saddle spring on the single saddle rod is 17.25”. On the other roller frame, the double saddle rod saddle spring is 23.5” and the saddle spring on the single saddle rod is 20.5”.

My question is whether or not the spring length variances will have any negative impact on rollers inking evenly, etc. Shorter springs = less tension, longer springs = more tension. Should I cut the longer springs to the smallest size so that all are equal (17.25”) or try to find “new” springs at, say 23.5”?

My guess is that this will not have an impact on printing but I thought I’d run it past the experts here.

Thanks for any assistance that you can offer.


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Two springs of different lengths could still be providing the same tension, especially if one is not original. Installed, can you pull the saddles out one at a time and feel a difference in tension? Do the rollers at any time stop fail to hug the tracks?
If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. But if a weak spring is affecting inking, a fix is to add a short spring segment to the saddle rod on the weaker side.

Thanks, parallel_imp. There is a definite difference in tension from short to long spring. I am reassembling the press so I can’t yet observe how the rollers/trucks travel across the rails.

I’ll get the tensions across all 4 saddles consistent (as best as possible) and see if I have any issues inking when I get up and running.

Thanks again!