Presses come home

Finally called a rollback truck to bring my two presses home from the shop I got laid off from. Sorry there’s no photos of the loading and unloading, but I was helping the guy more than anything else. I’m just glad they’re out of the shop before they decided to scrap them. The Little Giant will stay where it is, just covered with a tarp until I can afford a rigger to move it to the basement. The Goldding will get cleaned up and moved as time permits.

image: SSPX0338.jpg


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little giant is a great press. do you know how to run it. had one in the 1970’s, i may still have the manuel if interested let me know and i will look for it. good luck

Thanks, I have a couple of manuals for it, just have to get them out of the shop with some other extra parts. I have run it a little. I’m hoping to do some nice book work with it.