C&P paper-cutter serial numbers

I have located the serial number on my 23” C&P paper cutter, but haven’t been able to find a list to match it with the year of manufacture. Can anyone assist?

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Hey Ben,

Follow the link in this discussion here - http://www.briarpress.org/17181#comment-10492.

You’ll find a PDF you can download of all the C&P serials & their respective year of mfg. Paper cutters are on one of the last few pages.


Thanks, Jason! The old girl apparently dates to 1908….(and to make sure I understand the list rightly, I assume the serial number next to a given date is the last machine made in that year, right?) I appreciate the link; I had seen the press part of this list before, but not the part on cutters.

Thanks again, and stay inky!