Sourcing (and cutting down) paper

I am taking a letterpress class so I can print my own wedding invitations, but I have no idea where to begin getting the paper for the project. The “luxe” stuff at Paper Source doesn’t give me a very satisfying impression in the paper. Can anyone tell me what kind of paper they find to be best (I see Lettra alternately praised and vilified online) and where to buy it? I gather that it will only come in large sizes and I’ll have to pay to have someone cut it down. Will pretty much every big print shop offer that service? I live in the Atlanta area and would appreciate ANY suggestions or advice! Thanks kindly!

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Hi, You can buy crane lettra cut down to letter sized sheets directly from in 110# or 220# sheets. Good luck!

Some paper merchants will cut small quantities of paper to size for you. One that I use for Lettra is Astro Paper in Southern California. They will cut any quantity of sheets to size for a reasonable fee, less expensive if you get at least 50 parent sheets, but still reasonable for less.

Also Keldon Paper in Los Angeles will cut Lettra to size for you and they stock most sizes of Lettra envelopes; however their cutting charges tend to be more expensive than with Astro. They do have Lettra in 8.5 x 11 packages for less than if you buy direct from Crane.

Both Astro and Keldon will ship UPS wherever you need.

For other paper options you can get Somerset, Copperplate, Pescia, and other mouldmade papers from various sources online such as Dick Blick, Daniel Smith, and Stephen Kinsella. You can buy by the sheet but then you will have to find someone to cut it to size for you.

If you keep a look out for deals at your local art supplier, sometimes they have great deals on paper. I recently got some Fabriano Classico paper very cheap from a local art store. Fabriano paper is typically more of an “art” paper, but I found that it printed really well. I did have to get it cut down (but I did it by hand), but some local printers will cut down paper for a nominal fee.

Hi all,

I’m also looking for similar sourcing/cutting in the Boston area.

Any pointers would be appreciated.



almost any printshop will cut paper for a small fee. i too am in the boston area, about 1 1\2 hours south, if i can help let me know. dick g.