Gauge Pin Questions

Hello Everyone,
I am printing for the first time on a platen press, my previous experience was on a Vandercook, so I am new to gauge pins. I have a Kelsey and Com. 6 x10 platen press and Kort Quad Guides and I am trying to print photopolymer plates on a Boxcar-like base. Do I need to make sure that the tongues of the gauge pins do not make contact with the base? Also, if I would like to make bleed prints can I just cut areas of the photo polymer plates back to make room for the tongues or do I have to use a paper gauge pin/guide so I do not damage my base/plate/pins? Thanks printers!!

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The gauge pins themselves must clear the base or both may be damaged (so too must the grippers clear the base). In theory, the tongues can go over the base if they are thinner than the plate, or over the backing of the plate if they are thinner than the relief. You also need to bend the tongues so they ride low over the tympan. But in practice, they may mark the paper, especially if you are punching into thicker stock. Extra paper margin is sometimes simpler and safer with gauge pins and base.

If you go to the boxcar website, you can watch a tutorial on how to place the gauge pins. They have a few other videos as well.