Sets of letterpress in french * With accents”

Hi, I am a printmaker from Québec city and I am searching sets of types ( 18pt, 24pt 30pt or 36pt ) with accents to produce my artist books.

Thank you very much !


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I purchased a font from NA Graphics with accented lowercase letters. Alas, for my purposes, the sorts only covered French and not Spanish. Give him a try. Specify the lower case accents/sorts that you will need. Upper case can be handled with piece accents.


Thank you for your comment. What sort did you purchased and the size ? I need é-è-ê-à-â-ù-ö…)


Check with M&H Type in San Francisco. They have a wide variety of faces and many of the fonts have accented letters available.

Try Don Black Linecasting in Toronto. They did a great job supplying lead type when I needed to print Canadian Bilingual.

My purchase was 14 pt Goudy Oldstyle. I suspect that ATF had matrices for the same sorts in display sizes as well. NA Graphics has a stock of new ‘old stock’ fonts and sorts.