C&P 8x12— First steps

Just had my c&p 8x12 delivered this morning— at 6am. I’m at work now, but would LOVE to jump start my learning as soon as I get home.

it’s the new series, and has a motor on it—no tredle. Does anyone have some pointers as to where to begin?

(I know, It’s a vague post…)


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Assuming you’ve got sufficient furniture, maybe put a largish (24pt or so) “M” at each of the four corners of the chase. See what kind of impression strength and balance you’ve got, then start working your way inwards til you find the sweet spot.

Thanks for the reply, Matthew, I’m actually using photopolymer plates by Boxcar Press (and it’s necessary boxcar base). Thing is… I can’t find a manual for this beast anywhere online (ANYWHERE), and I’m unsure of how to open the press (i.e. make the clamshell open and give up it’s pearl: the chase).

What a hobby to jump right into, ha, but I can’t wait!

ps: I’m waiting for rollers and trucks to be delivered, but have all the neccesary peices: qoines, keys, guage pins, typan, furniture, ink, etc.

grr… if I only had a manual….

I think if I were you, and for your own safety, take a look online on You Tube for video segments of folks using presses like yours before you dive in. Also Boxcar Press on their website have lots of informational pieces on how to use their base and plates.

If you odn’t know how to open the platen, that’s a big issue. Do some study before you take it on.

Books are available from NA Graphics and other sources which will guide you on you quest to letterpress excellence, too. Your local public library may have some books on the topic as well. C&P produced parts lists and oiling charts, but I’ve never seen a manual for the 8x12.

before you break something or get hurt you should get a lesson or two, if you are in the boston area i could help you. i have a letterpress shop south of boston and would be happy to show you what to do. dick g.

Dickg— a lifesaver. Could you send me some contact info?

I’m in Framingham, MA.

I have a manual for the automatic press. I could send you a copy if you are interested.

Yes Please! YGM, Wildmh2000


I’m in Holliston, and have an 8x12 C&P as well. There is no manual, per se - but there are books - and I’d be happy to show you how to use it. Also, if you want a treadle (and if the drive shaft has a treadle crank), you can buy a reproduction C&P treadle from Hern Iron works. (BTW, who in the heck delivers presses at 6AM?)

Oh - one more thing - the 8x12 isn’t a beast, it’s a sweet little puppy. The 14x22 is the beast…

Hi - a pdf of the Instruction on Installation, Care and Operation of the Chandler & Price Craftsman Automatic Unit 10 x 15, 12 x18 can be found at boxcarpress.com under “you” and “press manuals”. I misplaced my own copy and am thankful someone had posted it to the internet. Whew and thanks!