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I have three fonts acquired from a collector’s storeroom. Two have names on slips of paper but I’m unable to find their listing in any of my books.. The engraved text had a note saying “Waldorf Wedding” on it, and the pin mark is BB & S. The bold type said “Opaque”, and has no pin mark, but a tiny mark between its legs on the bottom. The gothic has no clues.

Thanks for any help…

image: aptly.jpg


image: Waldorf.jpg


image: Opaque.jpg


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Waldorf Text is shown on pages 273 and 274 of (where else?) 1925 Barnhard Brothers and Spindler catalog! Available then in 14, 18, 24S, 24L, and 36 pt. sizes. It is later shown in the ATF catalog of 1934 on page 149. Also in the ATF catalog of 1941, page 169. ATF labels the 24 pt. sizes as No. 1 and No. 2.

The gothic appears to be ATF’s Phoenix No. 651. Page 54, line 8, A.T.A. Type Comparison Book, 1965.

Waldorf Text originated with BB&S in 1914.

Phenix (ATF’s spelling) originated in 1935.

Opaque was offerred from 8 to 48 pt. in the 1898 BB&S catalog. It also shows a wider version, named Drew, in the same catalog. This is not the same Drew that was offerred later by ATF.

Foolproof 546 again lives up to his name….Yes, Phenix it is. Like the guy in his new orthopaedic shoes, I stand corrected!

Thanks for nailing these down.
I really enjoy the sleuthing because it brings my focus down myopically on the gem facets of type. Going through a few score cases in an old barn with a flashlight and finding something I’m pretty sure is unusual… reminds me of rock-hunting as a kid. Hoping for obsidian or agate, secretly praying for amethyst. I’m slowly getting more specimen books, just ordered that BB & S reprint.

Thanks again!

BB&S reprint?????? Tell me more about that.


Searched all the usual bookfinding paths, then found this on eBay for $17 ……………”This electronic reproduction was professionally scanned at high resolution, each page was digitally mastered, with some graphic ornaments redrawn by Russ Billington Graphic Arts.”
I ordered it yesterday, so can’t vouch yet. …

Thanks, I thought that there might be a commercially done reprinting out there. Did it say which year the original specimen book was???? And $17 sounds like a real bargain by the way.

Oh damn. Didn’t read the fine print..or maybe there was no fine print.
I just got the ‘catalog’. It weighs two ounces…a disc! Of course. Anyhow, it has the whole 1925 catalog in pdf. Not bad really, but no fun to page through and stare at. Maybe for a pinpoint research. I’ll just keep trying to find a cheaper used edition.

i know this is so dated
but i found the catalog here on the left side:

lovo: THANK YOU!!!