Enormous letterpress swap meet

The combination APA Wayzgoose and Great Northern Printer’s Fair in Mt. Pleasant, IA has grown to exceed my expectations. Right now we have over 50 sales tables signed up for the swap meet on Saturday morning (Sept. 19) to begin at 8:00 a.m. We generally have had around 20 tables for the Great Northern over the last few years.

There should definitely be something for everybody at this swap meet. It will be followed by an afternoon auction, which should also be phenominal.

The Skyline Type Foundry established a “branch” office at Printers’ Hall a few weeks ago when Sky cast 36 fonts of 24pt. Bradley on a Thompson caster during the Old Threshers Reunion. He will be casting again during the Wayzgoose/Great Northern and producing fonts of Hadriano Stonecut (sorry - don’t know what size).

The Rodeway Inn that I had been recommending is completely sold out for next weekend, but an alternative would be the Super 8 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It is right next-door to the Rodeway Inn.

I am expecting an huge crowd next weekend so come and join the fun. I will be heading down there mid-week, so I won’t have too many more chances to post anything before the event.

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I cant wait - I am dying here!