Questions about shop aprons

I would like to see an apron with a line gauge pocket on the right side and a tweezer or pen pocket on the upper left top. Presently my wife takes old jeans and makes these pockets for me on all my aprons. I would prefer dark colors since I’m rather sloppy and dirty. The choice of graphics are very good. Can I assume only in one color?

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Mike - I agree with your suggestion and it is appreciated, but we do not manufacture these aprons so the colors and styles you see at are the only ones that are available to us. It has been hard to find any service that has an apron with pockets.

Regarding colors, some designs can be made in other colors. Let me know what interests you and I can let you know if it is possible to change the color. The site does offer you aprons and bags of different colors, styles and sizes.

For more information see Print Shop Aprons and More

Nice stuff, Elizabeth!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

NA Graphics in Silverton, CO has what you’re looking for.
Merrill Miller
Printer—Historic Cold Spring Village

I’m not clear on how one gets their APA number onto a particular item. Zazzle says contact, but there’s nothing in the apron yellow pages ad about whether one needs to do that before or after placing an order and whom one actually contacts.

NA Graphics website shows no product for aprons.

NA Graphics does have aprons. They are in the composing room section, about halfway down the page. If you search for “apron” look for the second one.

selene et al:
“Search Results for: aprons
Result pages: No products for the search: aprons”
Above is what I got when I entered a search for aprons!! Sorry, I guess I didn’t do it the right way. Must be that high altitude in Colorado got to me!
Again, I must step into my orthopaedic shoes and stand corrected! My apologies. Sorry and thank you. Have a great Easter.