Balti-Moore Chase Co.?

Hello friends,
I just acquired a batch of chases for my C&P 8X12,and among them was one manufactured by a Balti-Moore Chase Co..Yes,it was produced in Baltimore,but that is the only thing I know abt it.I have become intriqued,and I am asking for any info that someone may have regarding this company,dates of operation,etc..It is a testament to the scale of the industry at one time that an entrepreneur felt he could specialize in chases only,is it not?I humbly submit this bit of whimsy…Peace!

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It was common in the die cutting( especially in the day of block dies before lazers and routers) and letterpress industries to keep a lot of repeat jobs locked up to help eliminate idle presses. Today Bar-Plate makes and sells chases. In the early 70’s we had a poster print of a folding carton layout by Lord Baltimore Press. If I had the space I could use about 20 extra chases for my Heidelberg Platen.
No answer to your question just a statement.