need help identifying a press

Some buddies and I are planning to purchase this press, but have not seen in person yet. I’m trying to determine what make/model this is, before we make the long drive out to see it. Any ideas? These are the only pics I have from the seller. Your help will be appreciated!

image: DSC01552.jpg


image: DSC01553.jpg


image: DSC01554.jpg


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It’s a Chandler and Price New Series platen. Hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like an 8x12—the smallest of their floor model job platens.

That was my best guess, then we heard from the seller she had no idea what it was, and she apparently knows a bit about presses. So, I thought we might have a Hardy Boy mystery on our hands…

The ink disc looks too big to be an 8x12. I’d guess it’s a 12x18…

Yes, now that I can see it on a desktop screen (not a phone), it indeed appears to be a 12x18. Great press. Having even one roller intact is probably a good sign it wasn’t used as a diecutter.

Thanks guys for all your help! We picked it up Sunday! It’s so awesome. Looks to 1928-1929 10x15. Cheers!