Heidelberg Lock-up

I am currently locking up my bunting base (~.858) in the lower right corner with a piece of 2 pica furniture positioned between the bottom of the base and the chase, and the right side of the base butting up to the right side of the chase. I am also using brass guides.

My question is this: Would it be possible to remove the 2 pica furniture at the bottom and use only the base in the lower right corner?

I am worried that it may interfere with the guides and thought I’d ask before I bent/destroyed anything.



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problem solved- thanks anyway


My .2 cents. I use 3 picas on bottom and 3 on the right. On the right this leaves room for your crop marks (if needed), trim (in case the grippers mark the paper. On the bottom it leaves enough room so you don’t smash the lay guides, and the rollers tend to drop off so you’ll get a better inking with you plate a bit higher up.

Thanks for the sound advice, Casey. I made it work in this instance, but I’m pretty sure I’d rather have the furniture be there in the future. Next time I will plan a bit better. Still getting used to this photopolymer thing!

Thanks again!