Vanson MegaLaser Ink

Does anyone use this? I just bought a Golding Official No. 4, my first press, and need some ink. A print shop by my house is closing and they are selling a ton of this Vanson MegaLaser ink for very little money.

There was one mention of it on here but that was two years ago. Looks like it’s a soy based ink.


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MegaLaser is a line of soy inks that VanSon discontinued five or more years ago, except for the black. I suggest looking inside the cans to see how the ink is setting up. If it is just getting a thin skin like oil-base ink, that is fine, but if it is thickening down from the surface you may not get much good ink, and a lot of waste ink.
I have a some older soy inks from Boston (a VanSon subsidiary in the late 80s/early 90s) and VanSon, and these inks have not all aged the same way. I suspect that’s why VanSon discontinued MegaLaser, because the inks were a bit inconsistant when new. Many cans would stay open over night, some would not, and I even had one dry on press while the press was running (Liberty Blue).

Thanks. I think I’ll pass on them then as I can’t see them in person (even though he is local, don’t ask…guy isn’t very nice).