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Like all posts in this topic, I’m new to letterpress, have recently bought an Adana 8x5 and once I find a sturdy enough table I want to start using it. I’ve done hours of research on the net, trying to find cotton based papers, and specifically Crane Lettra (most people seem to recommend it) but I can’t seem to find an Australian or New Zealand supplier. I’m an Aussie living in New Zealand and am happy to buy it from Aus if I can’t get it from NZ.

Anyone have any advice on where I can get this or do I need to order it from the US? Or can someone recommend another paper brand that I can source in New Zealand that is just as good?
Any help would be great, appreciate any feedback!

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Be creative, try other papers, any chance of finding papers manufactured in Australia or New Zealand? Check out the yellow pages, and talk to other printers, look around you. It’s not only on Crane that one can print, you can even print on paper napkins, toiletrolls and beermats.

There are big national paper merchants in NZ if you want larger quantities - eg BJ Ball, Spicers Paper, and specialist art paper dealers (at least in Christchurch) such as Fine Art Papers, Gordon Harris and The Drawing Room for smaller quantities and even single sheets. These firms have websites (except, currently, Fine Art Papers) which will give you some idea of what they have available if you are not handy. Look in the Yellow Pages in the main centres under “Artists Supplies” and “Paper Merchants”.

Thanks for the responses :) circut5 - I’ve scoured the BJ Ball/Spicers/B&F Papers websites and rung them all - none stock a 100% cotton based paper. I’ve got some watercolour paper from Gordon Harris so I’ll test it out. thomas - I’ll definitely try other papers but it would be great to use crane as I’ve seen so many great results on the stock, guess I will have to buy it from the states.

Lyvie we distribute the Crane Lettra papers in Australia, so I’m sure Crane or Neenah wont mind if we sell you some paper in New Zealand. Even though our countries are close the freight cost is still quite high as everything goes by air.

You might also try contacting some local New Zealand paper makers. Mark Lander is a possibility. An excellent artist, paper maker.

Hi Lyvie, suggest you join the N Z Association of Handcraft Printers for some paper contacts and any help you need with the Adana. Email me for details, and you can view the new AHP Yahoo group at letterpressdu.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Russell and Tony, I’ll contact you directly

I’m wondering if you got suitable paper.
I am in auckland and am awaiting an order of Crane paper for letterpress printing. There may be enough to be able to sell you some. There is actually a local supplier - BJ Ball, although they don’t carry it. We have had to buy on indent. I live in Auckland. and am involved with the Association of Handcraft Printers here. If you want to make contact, my email is [email protected]
Graham Judd


I’m based in Australia, and looking to (bulk) purchase Crane Letra stock.

Is there a stockist in Australia that someone could refer me to? Otherwise can it be purchased online?

I have since discovered that other methods to obtain Lettra in Australia are too difficult or expensive, and have resorted to purchasing it directly from Crane.

Note: shipping costs are tremendously expensive, and given this situation, we bit the bullet. We want to help others out, and now sell on-sell Lettra to others based in Australia at what we believe are the best retail rates around. Please visit our website for more info: