C&P roller/inking help

Hi, I’m having a problem with my 8x12 C&P and I’m hoping someone can help.
While I was printing the other day I realized that one side of the chase was printing and the other side while printing was very faint. I watched the rollers as I was printing and the right side of the top roller isn’t touching the plate, it is pushing forward as it goes off the ink plate and to the chase. I’ve tried removing the roller and nothing changed. I’m really baffled by what is happening. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank-you!


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If your roller trucks are lifting off the rails you may need to shim up the rails with tape or somesuch or use roller bearers to insure even inking. Some folks also like Morgan Expandable Trucks. I use roller bearers in my 8x12.

You can also check to see if your roller springs are pulling evenly. If one side is much stronger than the other, one end of a roller may lift.

I agree with Arie - check your saddle springs. One of my rollers was lifting the way you described, I replaced my springs and it solved the problem. Good luck!