Single phase motor for 10x15 Hiedelberg

I am starting the repair of a 10x15 Hiedelberg and would like to change the 3 phase motor to single phase. Is there anyone out there who has a single phase 1725 RPM, 2 HP motor they would like to trade for the similiar 3 phase motor? The motor speed could vary some. Thanks for your help.


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Big single phase motors are expensive, available but expensive.

I’ve had very good luck with a Phase-O-Matic 3 hp heavy duty (vs light duty) static phase convertor. For me it did cost about $130 dollars, but aside from wiring it into the circuit, no other changes were required on the press, and it saved me having to chase down a motor (of the same size) and the requisite mechanical changes. I imagine the cost of the convertors has risen somewhat since I did this four years ago, but it still seems the simpler alternative.

I have attached a picture of the tag on the motor of my 10X15 Heidelberg