Crane’s Cover

Anybody ever try Crane’s 134#/365gsm paper? It’s 100% cotton and they call it “The Definitive Collection.” It looks smoother than Lettra, just wondering if anyone’s tried it and how it takes an impression.


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That stock prints beautifully. I use it all the time for both letterpress and offset. It has more backbone, so it stands up to more abuse than Lettra. The smooth texture (Kid Finish) highlights the impression, which it takes very well without much show through. There is also a 179# sheet.
I would recommend both weights for you to try.

the Definitive Collection is just Neenah’s new title for the whole Cranes Cotton Collection. It’s the Crest, Bond, Palette, and Lettra papers presented as one collection with different finishes.
You have me intrigued, though. I’d like to try the paper you mentioned with a smooth finish. Do you know if it is Crest, Bond or Palette? Also, do you know if they have inner envelopes in any of the sizes to match?
I have a client who really like the Reich Savoy Paper, but she wants an A9 size with an inner envelope. The only envelope I can find close to that size with an inner envelope is from Arturo, which is a nice paper, but not a smooth finish. She really wants a clean modern look and the smooth finish would be really nice. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

I just finished a couple of jobs with Crane’s Palette Cover and they turned out great. I was using a vintage cut plus handset type on a Vandercook, so I stayed light on the impression. Still, the stock took oil-based ink very well. Hairlines were nice and sharp, and larger areas were plenty dense.


ok, so after looking through the neenah and crane’s websites, it seems that the only 134# paper offered is Crane’s Palette. Where I’m confused is that the Lettra was described by crane as having a ‘kid’ finish. The Palette is now described as having a kid finish and the Lettra finish is just listed as Lettra. Is the Palette finish smoother than the Lettra?
They have inner A9 envelopes, so if the finish is nice this is what I need to get. I’d really appreciate the help!

I printed on some Reich Savoy 118# this weekend and really liked it. It can take a deep impression without too much show through on the back and a kiss without drinking up the ink. My experience has been that Lettra drinks ink. I did three different impression setups with varying degrees of packing and all printed beautifully. I will try to post when I finish the second color.

I’m in sales for Neenah and am available to discuss various product questions and to line you up with the paper that will help you achieve the best results.

another online resource is /dr paper

Ooh, great! I’m glad to hear people like it. I can’t wait to try it out.

I just got some Savoy paper in the mail the other day—they sent me a sample, so I’m going to try that.

I am going to try all the other suggested papers. BJHEY, I’m assuming you can maybe send me a sample? Thanks! Carmela

Wow—and it looks like this Crane’s 134# paper is a LOT more expensive than the Lettra! I do realize it’s thicker, but it seems much more expensive!

I just had a client request this paper and the only store I can find locally that can get it wants you to buy it by the carton. Anyone have good leads on where to buy it cheaper online? The one site I found was Limited Papers and they sell 5 sheets for $22. That does seem very expensive…

Keldon Paper in Los Angeles has Crane’s Cover 134# in 8.5 x 11” packages, or by the sheet in 26 x 20” size at $2.75 per sheet; also 179# in the larger size. They also have some colors of Crane Palette in small packages, but that’s considerably pricier. They will also cut to size for about $25 per size. See