Anyone know anywhere in NYC to get Lettra paper? Samples?

I’m looking to buy Lettra paper in New York City. I went to the Crane Statonary store on 49th st and they told me they’d “never heard of it”.

Before I buy some I would specifically like to know the difference (besides price) between the 110lb and 220lb duplex sheets. Is it impossible to print 2 sided on the 110lb?

Kenny Colvin
Giant Squid Press

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Hi Kenny,

I’m in Portland, Oregon and use Lettra myself. I know that if you look on the website, you will be able to find your local rep. Shoot him or her an email and you’ll get this huge packet of lettra samples in the mail really quickly.

I use the 110#. I find the 220# too heavy for my needs, plus I print on a Vandercook.

Best of luck, happy printing!


Satsuma Press | Portland, Oregon

Yes - I would call your local Crane rep, his name is Hamilton (I am also in NYC) He is very nice and helpful. Good luck.

Legion Paper in NYC. Talk to Tracy Romano - 1 800 278 4478 ext 239. She’s very helpful and will be able to ship you Lettra from their warehouse in NJ, which is closer than coming directly from Crane, in MA.

Good luck

Updated. Hey Kenny,
The 220 weight is two sheets of the 110 laminated together. It is pretty stiff (expensive too) but it can be printed on the Vandercook.
You can print both sides of the 110, but you won’t be able to go crazy on the impression on both sides. I’d suggest you use hard packing and a tympan draw sheet instead of mylar. I have found that the mylar burnishes this stock and causes it to appear too smooth on the reverse of a printed area. And soft packing makes the impression sloppy and allows it to travel all the way through the sheet and into the packing.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Kenny, if you haven’t already purchased the paper, talk to the folks at Inky Lips Press in Dallas (Casey McGarr, Inky Lips Press, a Briar Press member). One of my print reps gave me their business cards — one printed on Letra and one printed on…Strathmore? The colors, yellow and orange, looked very dull on the Letra. If you need any sort of pop from color, you might want to consider a different sheet.

I see someone recommend Hamilton Davis in this thread, but sadly Hamilton is no longer at Crane. He was a terrific rep but Crane shed a lot of their sales force this year. I don’t even know if they have territorial sales reps anymore? Many paper merchants who supply Neenah or Crane paper might be able to provide Lettra though. We use Hudson Valley Paper and XPEDX.