Please help me with this type

I’ve been going through a large lot of vintage fonts and I’m a little confused on this one. It appears to be Stylescript but with a different lower case “r”. All the nicks line up, but there is no pinmark or ID#. Could this be an old font that was later copied as Stylescript? Thank you.

image: DSCN0568.JPG


image: DSCN0571.JPG


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This is Stylescript, designed by Sol Hess for Monotype in 1940. Being Monotype-cast it will not have a pinmark.

In looking at my Monotype specimen catalog, I discovered that the Stylscript specimen displays two versions of both the “r” and the “s”. What does NOT appear in the catalog however is the “apostrophe-s” shown in your font.

I’ll have to peek at my fonts of it down in the shop the next time I am in there to see what mine contains.

Thanks for pointing that out.