heidelberg windmill gripper head problem ….

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help??
We have just bought another windmill press and have discovered that the gripper head is not moving round enough.
The grippers are opening on the bed and when a chase is in they will also hit the lead.
It seems to have had this problem for a while because the gripper arms are in a mess!
Does anyone know if you can wind the head on so it will miss?
If anybody can help it would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance!

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This won’t probably help but are you familiar with the screw that you can open to engage or disengage the gripper release? When it’s at the top position the grippers release for running with guides but when it’s in the lower position the grippers don’t open to drop the paper into the guides. Possibly you can put the screw in the lower position and see how far the grippers swing when the platen closes. RREEBB

Email me and I will forward a series of mails I have sent to another printer with the same problem.

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