Master tabletop press

Does anyone know where I can get some info on a 6 x 9” Master? I was thinking I had better get some type of manual so that I can determine what is missing on a press that I am considering buying. If I am unable to adjust the platten for impression, is there a way to fix that? Am I able to buy one of the deep relief blocks from Boxcar?

Any advice would be helpful & appreciated!


image: 018.JPG


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more pictures of the press would help to see if its all there, check it for welds, that will tell you if it has been broken before, make sure there is a chase and grippers with the press. i think the kelseys of craftsmen presses are good machines, they are more common, i have never seen one of these before, that might mean that parts would be hard to come by. good luck dick g.

This looks to be very similar to a Kelsey press. I don’t think it is a Kelsey, but the Kelsey literature may be very helpful.

It looks to me that you may be missing the “pawl” that turns the ink disk.

If you can get this press to print, you will be very pleased with the “D” handle lever. It will be much easier on your body than a Kelsey style handle.