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Thanks again to everyone who has been helping me along on this board. It is very appreciated. I viewed two presses today, both in what I saw to be good condition. They are both working (rollers currently removed) and come with rollers in decent condition. The presses were last used to print in 2004 and have been stored and oiled ever since.

I’m getting an 8x12 C&P old style and a 10x15 New style, plus a cabinet full of type and symbols for $500. I feel like it’s a good deal and I have access to trucks and trailers and strong arms for free. Well, almost free. I just have to pay for gas and food. The presses will travel 2 hours to their new home. In a future post I’ll probably ask a few questions about moving these presses. (any questions that aren’t already answered by combing through previous posts.)

These are located on the ground floor right next to a large loading garage door. No stairs!

I’ll post some pictures and welcome any comments or suggestions that people see after looking.

This forum has been and will continue to be an amazing resource for me.

image: SANY0341.jpg


image: SANY0343.jpg


image: SANY0346.jpg


image: SANY0347.jpg


image: SANY0349.jpg


image: SANY0350.jpg


image: SANY0351.jpg


image: SANY0353.jpg


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This is a much better deal than the other even if the people would have given the press to you, considering the time and expense of having to move it. Sell the 8x12 and that should almost pay for the rest of the stuff.


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ground floor is a good deal, stairs are not easy, check the platten and make sure there are no welds, also close the press with no chase in it, put it on impression and grab the platten and try to rock it, a very little play is ok, but if it really rocks that means its very worn. good luck dick g. ps i’d keep both of them.

Congratulations. Looks like you found a great deal!

This press has been doing die-cutting duty, not necessarily a bad thing, just check the platen to make sure they weren’t using it to die-cut into. Roller hooks look great. Probably be worth it to save both presses and find the lesser one a good home (at profit ideally).

(edit) Oops, did not realize you get two presses for the $500 (plus stuff). Definitely a good deal and far handier than digging the one out of the attic—though you should pass word of that one along to anybody else looking for a press..

Thanks for all the great comments and advice.
They use one of the presses once every 4 years to die cut those door knob hangers for elections. I looked at the platen and they had taped down some thick metal plates on top of it to keep anything from happening to the platen.

They told me there was one man who mainly ran these presses for about 50 years and he referred to them as his “babies.”

I actually have enough room for both presses where I’m moving them so I’m very excited about that.

I’ll check back in on my progress

Excellent buy. Either press is worth $500, and if the rollers are still good, you have saved yourself another $500, at least. It pays to shop around and not fall in love with the first printing press you see.