Windmill FlatRods or “Cheaters”

I am looking for a set of flatrods (Cheaters) for the 10 x 15 windmill. Does anyone know where I might get a set and how much I might have to pay for them?

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you can tape something where the cheaters go, i have used a 6 pt. slug.

I think that finding cheaters would be very difficult, maybe not even Heildelberg would have them. Give a look at Don Black website, they may have 2nd hand ones.

dickg is right. Glue a slug using tape or film adhesive.

You can also make your own by buying some 1/4” x 1/8” stock , grind a taper in one end and bend the other for a “u” for about 3/4” (with a flared opening to fit at the top of the feeder (through the feed tongue openings. I’ve seen them in 6 and 10 inch variants. If you need a picture of one, let me know. The real deal is much nicer than faking something up.

I have the cheaters available and they are from one of my windmills that went down and I sold most of the parts, but still have a few left.
Richard Sawdey

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Well those are gone… anybody else have more information available????