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Can someone point me in the direction a a parts supplier here in the U.S? I need right and left lay guide/gauges.

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I don’t know in the Us but you can try Don Black in Canada.


1) Demers in Odessa, FL, visit www.demersinc.com for more info.
2) Printer’s Parts in Monrovia, CA (888) 249-6020
3) If all else fails, Heidelberg USA, (800) 437-7388 (but you’ll pay premium prices direct from Heidelberg so try the other two first.)

It’s best if you have specific part # before calling around which you can find in the parts manual for the windmill. It’ll save you time/frustration and any potential misunderstandings of what you need.

Thank you both!

graphic repair in leominister, massachusetts, they fix windmills, very reasonable, they must have parts, if you can’t find a phone number i will look for it for you. dick g.

Found them. Thanks Dick G

Hello….Could you let me know where you got them and the price.
Thanks very much.

Heidelberg USA, (800) 437-7388
You will have to call, or mail them for a price quote.

In my 1955 parts book, the numbers are:

Brass Lay Gauge Right # T 0265 F
Brass Lay Gauge Left # T 0264 F
Nickel Lay Gauge Right # T 0242 F
Nickel Lay Gauge Left # T 0241 F

If you don’t have lay pins, they can be purchased:
Lay Pins, 5 each Assorted # T 0246

or fashioned from paper-clip wire. I have a short .jpg clip showing how to do this.

If you’re short on cash, buy the brass gauges. They’ll catch anything with a 5mm side margin.

The part numbers have since changed, but Heidelberg USA will know what you are asking for. Just tell them it’s from a 1955 parts book. Before all else fails, BE HONEST.

In your request for a price quote by mail or phone, you MUST have have the Model and Serial # of your press, or an account number. i.e.: T Model 10 x 15 S# xxx-xxx.

Whether you mail for a quote or call on the phone, be prepared for a real fist fight with Heidelberg USA if your name and numbers do not match their machine owner name and account numbers. From my experience, Heidelberg USA does not sell parts to just anybody who asks. An honest approach will get you past the first guard.

The serial # of your press is stamped on the table base, to the right of the delivery lay standard. Can’t miss it.

Make sure you are sitting down, and prepare yourself for price shock.

i would only call heidleburg as a last resort, i have dealt with them in the past and not had good experiences with them.

I have spent hours on the phone with the parts dept. and still ended up getting the wrong part.

Good Luck!

Speaking of windmill serial numbers does anyone know if any of the digits indicate what year the press was made?


There is no apparent relation between the S# stamped on the table base, and the year the press was manufactured, except for the two digit prefixes on the GT models dated between 1953 - 1959, with the suffix E (Europe and Canada) which may be just a coincidence.

It took me all of 1 minute to find a library of T Platen serial no.s online at:

If you dig a little deeper, you may find more complete and accurate S# info for the Heidelberg platens.

The obvious link to this thread is, you need to include the S# and Model# of your press with all parts orders.

Thanks. I’ve been running windmills for 20 plus years and sometimes wondered about that. I was thinking along the lines of the digits in serial numbers on cars telling the year of manufacture.

Thank you for all your thoughts and advice! I ended up finding someone who had some parts laying around, and bought them off of him.