Reconverting a C&P Press converted to die cutter

I am looking at a C&P Press that has been converted to a die cutter. I want a working printing press and would have to reconvert it. Can it be done with little trouble or should I pass and look on? Thanks,

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Personally, from my experience with letterpress, I would pass up this press and look for another. There are many C&Ps around that will suit your needs. Usually, presses that
have been used for die-cutting can have lots of excess wear from die-cutting and can offer many problems in other ways. WHY LOOK FOR TROUBLE? Look for a press that has been used for printing, being sure that it has a ink fountain, fairly good rollers, etc. Make sure the press is
complete with chases, and is power driven (must have motor, etc). check for wear, see running if possible.
Good Luck!

Thank you for your candor. This is what I expected. Best,