Foil Stamping on a Windmill

Hello, does anyone want to discuss foil stamping on a windmill? What type of dies, what type of foil…what works what doesn’t work.
I recently accquired a 10x15 red ball with a hot plate. I don’t know if it works. It is 220volt.

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i foil on a red ball windmill, do you still have the ink roller arms? if the foil rod goes under the chase then you need to order your foil on a 200’ roll, what kind of hot plate do you have? i use crown foil, and use 1/4” mag dies, good luck dick g.

I also do a lot of foil stamping on a red ball Tiegel too. Recently I tried on PVC 0,5mm thick. The hot plate I am using is the original from Heidelberg (20*10cm). You can do a lot, but I think you have to be very precise with pressure-temperature-type of foil&paper combination. Good luck

Yes, you are right….everything has to be precise. I got mine running and sometimes the foil does not completely release. I also do not like the fact that the foil rolls that fit in the press are so small and you have to change them often.

I have three platens that I use for foiling. One is the Heidelberg TP (10x15”with Heidelberg’s own foiling system, as illustrated in the museum pictures elsewhere on this site) and the other two, again Heidelberg, have an add-on system that can revert back to printing if necessary. One is a 13x18 and uses 400’ foil rolls and the other a 10x15 and uses 200’ rolls.
Foil can be funny stuff in that one grade won’t print on everything, so experimentation can often be the order of the day. We once had a job in and couldn’t make any of our foil stick to it (it bubbled) so we sent a sample of foil and stock to the foil maker and their lab got perfect results. They gave us the temperature to use but it still wouldn’t adhere properly on our kit!
If it doesn’t work with the foil you are using then you’ll need to try another grade. Foil suppliers will advise on the best grade for what you want to foil on.
I’ve always enjoyed foiling on my platens and have often found the results highly satisfying.

Results are definitely satisfying when the finished product looks beautiful.
The key is getting customers that don’t mind paying the premium for foil. I can produce only 500-800 per hour on the windmill. I have trouble with the windmill picking up two sheets at a time. This is a real pain as I have to go through every stack to make sure there are no blanks.

Dear all,

We have a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15, with original Stamping unit from Heidelberg. We bought it second hand, and it does not have the foil rod which goes under the chase. The seller don’t want to help us. So we need your help!

Anybody knows where to find a supplier of this part or anyway to get it?

We will really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!