I bought a C&P 10x15 but I’m not sure of model #

I bought a 1965 10x15 C&P press mainly to diecut parts for board games. I’m part of a design group and the ability to die cut cards and game parts is huge. The press was used strictly as a die cutter for years in a sign shop although has seen no use for the last 8. The ink rollers are MIA and I would like to replace them and try my hand at printing as well. I’m as green as it gets about letter press printing and I would appreciate any help in identifying the press shown and any source fro replacement parts. It came with a about 100 dies, boxes of type, 5 chases, a quion, a key and a rack of furniture.



image: 3450935_20.jpeg


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I have seen these presses (with the enclosed frame) described as Model “N” presses, but the posted model number lists don’t have any with that prefix.

Congratulations on finding a late-model press, and best wishes for getting well into the learnign curve.

try don black, he’s in canada and might be able to help you. looks like the roller arms are there, so you will need rollers and trucks [they go on the end of the rollers] and you’ll be ready to print.

Very interesting, never seen one of these. Is the red dial in the lower left to adjust the impression?

If I remember correctly, That is the speed control.

These are indeed identified as Model N.
From my understanding these were some of the last presses produced by C & P. I believe they were marketed to schools as safe. Here is a link to some literature.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4054364386

Thanks everyone for all the info and thanks boundstaffpress for the link to the brochure. That will be a huge help in tracking down parts.


Rollers are easily re-cored since offset presses also use rollers, there are roller suppliers in your area, you just need the metal cores inside.

And treat yourself to a set of Morgan Expansion roller trucks (NA Graphics).



What sort of dimensions do I need to look for? Are the specs for the rollers for C&P N series 10x15 listed any where? Would the ink rollers be the same as the rollers on the inkwell?

It turns out I have four trucks in amongst the type I received as well as a box of register pins. I think I will contact NA graphics about some roller dimensions and try to track down some cores.

Mike: How did this go?

I still haven’t tracked down new rollers. mainly due to building a new house and being short of funds. It will have to wait till spring.