Part needed urgently!

I’m in the middle of a job and my platen back just cracked on me… this is not a happy situation!

Does anyone have or know where to find a Kelsey 5x8 platen back?

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Where are you located? I am in Zion, Il.

summerville, sc (near charleston)…
do you have one that you would sell?


Until you get a new part, you could try to repair the old one.

I have successfully repaired a cracked part on my Kelsey press with a product called JB Weld. It’s still working. Available at just about any hardware store or megamart. Don’t get the quick kind, and let it cure. You might want to clamp it while it cures.

I may have the part you need. What model 5 X 8 Kelsey press do you have? There are several identifyed by a letter, sometimes located on the handle.

It broke because I pushed my luck with trying to get a nice impression.
Will JB Weld hold enough to get an impression or just a kiss print?

(yes, I know Kelseys are not meant for impressions…. like I said, I was pushing my luck. I am looking at getting a larger press asap, but if I got one this weekend, I am not confident that I could get as nice a result as I had with my Kelsey… there’s got to be a learning curve of more a few hours)

its a 5x8 excelsior (model ‘U’ i beleive)

Is there a letter cast into the top of the handle? Like Kelsey 5 X 8 U. …?

Okay … When you say platen back are you referring to the piece that does not contain the the screws or does contain the screws?

the piece that has the screws and actually connects to the handle… it supports the platen

send me your phone number …

sent by email.

The part is on its way …