Shipping a Pearl

Hello all,
I’m interested in purchasing a Pearl from Minneapolis but I live in Los Angeles and am wondering if anyone knows of the best way to have it shipped and roughly how much that might cost. I’ve heard horror stories of presses breaking during shipment, so if anyone knows of a company that they’ve used and trust, please let me know.

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to ship these presses usually costs more then the press is worth, if i were you i’d try to be patient and wait for one to come up for sale closer to home. if the press is not crated properly you will most likely receive it in pieces. maybe you could ask the owner if there is a rigger in the area that could crate and load it on a truck. good luck dick g.

There are usually several floor model 8x12 C&P platen presses available in the LA vicinity. If you have the space I would recommend one of these presses—better impressional strength and spare parts (if needed) are much easier to find.

Like Dick said above: shipping one of these presses across the country is rarely worth the cost. But, then again, it all depends on what you’re willing to pay for the press in the first place.

Let us know how it goes.