Kluge 1015 Roller Tool

For those having difficulty removing and installing Kluge rollers, here is a diagram of the tool that I made. Material is 1/8” flat steel. All corners are rounded for safety.

image: RollerTool.jpg


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Hey Edd,
How did you make this? I am desperate for one and can’t seem to find one for purchase anywhere, so it looks like I’m going to have to make it. What did you start with?


these are the wrenches i make. They are made to original kluge prints. standard color is yellow so they are easily seen before starting a press. the black handle is a length of electrical shrink for comfort The bend in the wrench helps to keep it from “rolling” off the saddles. Price is $25.00 (US) + shipping. (ships from 53186)

image: wrenchdown.jpg


image: wrenchup.jpg


I recommend you buy one from ericm. The one I made can roll off as Eric mentions. His looks safer and easier to use.