Which press parts are interchangeable with other press parts?

So here’s a question for the experienced printers: It strikes me that over the years, various printers must have noticed that a particular arm on this machine fits that one, or a lever on Brand A works well on Brand B, etc. etc. What, then, would be the printing machinery parts that are interchangeable between manufacturers? I am not speaking of those that were designed to be interchangeable.

In the car restoration hobby, cross-indexed charts sometimes are a life-saver. A restorer who is unsuccessful in a search for an OEM part can consult a chart and use a part just as safely from another manufacturer. I would think that responses to a question like this might be invaluable to a future press restorer. I would consider volunteering to create such a chart if it would benefit the users of this Web site.

So, to begin … which parts also work on which other letterpresses and related equipment?

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