Paper Source Swatchbook

Wondering if anyone has a paper source swatchbook that can help me out. I’m doing a job and was trying to figure out what their colors: lake, pool, and curry are in terms of pantone colors?

Don’t have a swatchbook and I am trying to pick out an envelope that will go with invitations I plan to print. Thanks!

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You are definitely “[email protected]!” You give us absolutely no information whatsoever to go on. You have named three colors but we haven’t the slightest clue as to which papermaker manufacturers these colors. IF someone does have both your swatchbook AND a Pantone guide, they can probably let you know the closest approximation of a pantone color to match your samples. Until then, there is not much to go on.

A little more information could go a long ways. You would probably receive no response at all to your initial query.

Opps! Is “Paper Source” perhaps a company/distributor that has a swatchbook that is referenced here?????

Indeed, Paper Source is the company that carries the colors [email protected] mentioned (rather than being just a ‘source for paper’). Foolproof, you might be used to it being referenced on this site as Waste Not Paper.

I do have the swatch book and a pantone guide- will be back in a bit with the pantone #s unless someone beats me to it.

curry- #7405M (you’re probably printing on uncoated stock, but the solid matte book matches better than the uncoated book), or #7405U but lighter. It has a twinge of green to it.
pool- #7464U, slightly deeper
lake- #7468U, but a shade lighter

hope that helps.

Thanks littlemisspress, I appreciate it. I always mean to buy their swatchbook and for some reason it hasn’t happened yet.

Foolproof, I was, as littlemisspress stated, making reference to paper-source, also known as waste not paper. Sorry, I guess I should have made what I meant by “paper source” clearer.

Actually, my opinion is that the simple use of the shift key would have made this much more clear in the first post — to me, at least, “paper source” means just that, some source for paper, while “Paper Source” (yes, with UPPER CASE used where appropriate) would indicate a proper noun and therefore probably a company name. Since the capitals are there and pretty easily accessible on the computer, as typesetters and printers I’m guessing maybe we should try and use them.


Point taken.

I can’t believe how harsh you are being on [email protected]. Come on!

Well, I have to agree with Dave, and I don’t think he was harsh, maybe just a little frustrated. [email protected], however, has no doubt come by his or her disregard for capitalization honestly, given the state of contemporary written communiqués. At my husband’s golf club, in the elegantly appointed dining room, they recently hung a series of beautifully framed vintage photographs of the course, and the title of one had been written, “3rd hole @ sunset.” The labels had been prepared by an under-30 administrator who, when I spoke with her about it, honestly didn’t know that there was a better way to word the label.