non metal tweezers for handling metal type

Anyone have a good source for quality non metal tweezers for handling type? I made the mistake of using a metal set and marred some pieces of type by scratching their surfaces.

Most of those I found online are for beading and are too short or designed for medical use with rubber tips that are too large to get a grip on type in a line. Thanks,

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check with na graphics, he must have tweezers, most of the tweezers i’ve seen were not smooth but some were , they are hard to use without slipping and wrecking your type, i use a makeup rule, still need to be careful. good luck dick g.

Thanks for your comments. I had not even thought of wooden implements. I googled bamboo tweezers and found for handling delicate things. I ordered a pair to check them out. I also found a listing on NaGraphics and will give them a call.

I find that plastic tweezers found in most cheap drug store first-aid kits are perfect for this sort of thing.

If you have a Harbor Freight store in your area you can find, as I did yesterday, a plastic-tipped tweezers, about 6-inches long, made of stainless steel and costing maybe $3 at most. I used them today to sort and pick up type I bought which is stored in cases the compartments of which are too small to get my average size fingers into. The tweezers worked just fine without any worry of marring a type face. The Harbor Freight stock number is 66553.

Thanks to all for your excellent suggestions!