C&P oil chart available

We have an oiling and instruction chart, 2 pages, for “C&P new series presses.” Send a SASE (#10 envelope) and I’ll send back a free photo copy of my 2 pages. Jim Ciletti, 1215 N. Union, Colo Spgs CO 80909

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I would be very interested as I recently bought a C&P new series but being from Canada I can’t send a SASE that will work. Maybe I could enclose some cash?

jimciletti - It’s nice of you to share this oil chart, but you may get a lot of responses, and it may save some time and a stamp to have people download it from our section of Press manuals: parts, care, and instruction. Also, in the future, offers for trade, sale and sharing are more appropriate in the free Classifieds section as they will receive better exposure.

ELIZABETH: Thank you for the heads up on the Free classified. I will see if our computer guru at our book store can scan in the chart and put it in the Press manuals, etc. Will know more on Thursday.
COMPUTER MIKE IN CANADA, $1 would be more than enough. I think international postage is .98 cents.

To all, as soon as I can get the chart scanned in and entered in the Press Manuals section, I’ll mention it on general discussion as well.

jimciletti - Sorry for the confusion. We already have the C&P oil chart in the above section. If you have something different or any other instructional information feel free to send it to us.

Elizabeth, yes, thank you. I see the chart on the Press Manuals site, the same that I have. Yet, I will mail a paper copy of mine to anyone who sends a SASE and I assume anyone can print the pages in the BP Manuals site as well. I DO HAVE the instructions on the back of my chart which I will try to email to you. Jim