c&p press 1885

i have get 2 c&p letterpress but i dont know how i can lift it in air for put something under for move it out of my grandfather home…i think its aprox 1050 lbs each…sorry for my bad english & thank all for help Patrick quebec, Qc.

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If you just want to lift them I suggest a car mechanic’s hydraulic floor crane, which can lift more than 2000 lbs and should have no trouble with the C&P — you can probably rent one from a tool rental. Get yourself a 20 foot length of towing chain with chain hooks and loop it through the closed press, under the bed and platen, and be sure no fragile parts are squeezed by the chain when you lift. You should probably remove the ink disc to get it out of the way. Once lifted I’d suggest setting each press on two 4-foot lengths of 4x4 and lag bolting the feet to the timbers. That will make the presses much more stable once you set them down. They can be very top-heavy.

Good Luck! Bob

Hello Patrick.

Are you moving them because you want to keep them, or because you want to sell them? If you want to keep them, I would strongly recommend asking a qualified machinery mover to move them for you. If you want to sell them, I would recommend bringing the potential buyers to your grandfather’s home, and then letting the buyers be responsible for asking a qualified machinery mover to move them.

I assume you don’t have experience moving machinery. Most people don’t have this knowledge. For someone without experience to try to move these heavy, top-heavy presses is very dangerous for you. You could be severely injured. In some cases, you could be killed, such as if you slip and the press falls on you. Also, even if you are not injured, you could easily damage the presses.

Whatever you do, please be safe and don’t take chances.

Regards, Geoffrey in Ontario

If you must do it yourself, look at this website.


Thank all for your help,
i want to keep them for myself & try to make a little museum in memory of my grandfather…

i think im going to look on qualified mover, cause i dont want to get injured or broke them. i have to move 2 c&p - 1 Brown&Carver cutters (oswego 30 inch ) - 1 Miehle vertical printing press (1922 i think) & few other more recent press.

when i get few photo, i post it for let u see it.

big thank all, i really appreciate it.

Patrick Quebec, Qc

i think you should contact don black, he is in ontario, he is older than most of your equipment, i don’t know if he moves equipment but if he doesn’t he must know someone who does, he is in the yellow pages on this site. you don’t want movers, you want riggers. good luck dick g.