ink issue on c&p pilot - rollers? disc?

Hello everyone. Please excuse my lack of correct terms, I am new to printing.

I purchased a c&p pilot from craigslist from a long-time printer several months ago. I only just recently got it printing after I was able to put some more money aside to invest in all the supplies.

I inked it for the first time tonight and it seems something is off and I am not sure what it is. The ink is splotchy and does not spread evenly on the disc or rollers. An image can be seen here:

you can see how the same patterns remain on the same spots even after rotating the disc many many times. I’ve looked closely and just certain areas of the disc + rollers remain the same, no ink at all is being distributed.

Do you recommend new rollers? Should I tape the rails? I have the pilot manual from briarpress, what parts can I adjust? If you think I should get new rollers, where can these be purchased for a pilot press? Thank you for your help!! I am so anxious after over half a year to get printing and am so disappointed that it isn’t inking correctly.

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Devils Tail always has good advice. Another thing you can try; roll a brayer back-and-forth to smooth-out the ink on the disk. I recommend that you locate an experienced printer in your area and ask if you can watch-and-learn.


devil tail is right on, if your press or ink is cold your ink won’t lay right, your rollers could be bad too, but start with warming your ink, or loosen it as suggested. taping the rails won’t help, good luck dick g.

thank you devils tail, sharecropper, and dick. i will definitely try this!

I have also seen this kind of behavior when there are some contaminants on the rollers and or disk. Clean the disk before inking with a fast-drying solvent or press wash and see if it doesn’t improve. Remember if you have used WD-40 in cleaning up anything, that it has a silicone component which does not like ink at all.